McCall Back In Congressional Race

Could the third time be the charm for Matt McCall.

The Small Business Owner says he’s running for Congress again. The time the giant obstacle of Lamar Smith won’t be in his way.

McCall talked to Jack Riccardi about his third campaign. He admitted that after his second loss to Smith in the 2016 Republican Primary, he had no plans to run again.

But then Smith announced he would not seek re-election after 30 years in Congress.

McCall says he had to form a campaign quickly because Smith’s announcement came at a strange time of year.

“Generally when people get out when they decide to retire they announce in July, just before the August recess so that people have a chance to gear up, so I was quite surpriused.”

McCall had even gone as far as throwing out his campaign signs used in the last twp races because he didn’t want to challenge Smith again.

With Lamar out of the picture, McCall decided to try again. But will those two previous losses help or hurt his campaign? McCall thinks those prior defeats will give him an edge over his competitors.

“I’ve got name recognition. I think that will work for us in a powerful way. I think people will realize that we’ve been fighting for our values for a while now and that we’re not just Johnny Come Lately”

McCall says he doesn’t feel people were fighting against Lamar Smith when they voted for him in the last two primaries.

” We won the confidence and the vote of 33,600 of the constituents last time.”


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