Medical Marijuana Push Aimed at Military Vets

By Don Morgan

Military Veterans are joining marijuana advocates to have a prescription pot program in Texas.

David Bass from Texas Veterans for Medical Marijuana tells us they have to focus hard on state lawmakers in order to have marijuana policy brought up at the Texas House.

“Texas is a No Ballot Initiative state so we have to go through the legislature up at the Capital. So that’s where we focus our efforts.

According to Bass, those efforts are paying off. He says lawmakers form both parties are agreeing that cannabis is a viable alternative for dangerous pharmaceuticals prescribed to so many Veterans across Texas.

“Our goal of course, is a medical marijuana program but we’d also support decriminalizing possession for small amounts.”

Bass says currently 29 states already have medical marijuana programs in place and he hopes it will soon happen on Fedral level as well.

“Every time a medical marijuana amendment comes in font of Congressman Pete Sessions committee, he rules it out of order to include the amendment that would allow VA Doctors in Medical Marijuana sates to recommend cannabis for their Veteran Patients.”

Bass says Texans who feel the state should have a medical marijuana policy, can contact their Representatives and encourage them to put one in place.


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