Menendez: Harvey Clean Up Costs Will Add Up

By Pilar Arias

State Senator Jose Menendez (D, Dist. 26) led a San Antonio Hispanic Chamber of Commerce luncheon Tuesday.

 The appearance allowed 550 KTSA to ask him about DACA, Hurricane Harvey clean up costs statewide and the possibility of another special session.

“Republicans and democrats agree that people who were brought here as children through no fault of their own have not broken any laws, and have learned English and they’re getting along, they should be protected,” Menendez said of a hopeful White House DACA deal. The senator hopes Congress doesn’t give in to a “bad deal.”

In terms of statewide recovery efforts from the natural disaster that devastated the Texas coastal region? Don’t expect a tax cut as we’re cleaning up from Harvey.

“The cost is going to be huge. This is sort of the time that people need to realize why we have government,” Menendez said. “No one wants to pay more (taxes) but collectively we can’t take care of major things like our ports, our streets, our highways, our police, our fire unless we’re doing it collectively.”

Menendez hopes another special session isn’t in the works, and says it costs tax payers $800,000 to $1 million to do so. He thinks legislators can have meetings without requiring a special session that would allow them to vote on the necessary things.


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