Menendez Makes Another Pitch for Medical Marijuana

By Don Morgan

He’s hoping to alleviate the suffering of Texans struggling with debilitating conditions that could be improved with medical marijuana.

State Senator Jose Menendez tells us it should be up to Doctors, not Lawmakers to decide who could be helped with medical cannabis.

He says he’s submitted SB 79, even though it’s chances of passing are “slim and none”.

Now, you may be wondering why he’s going through the process even though he’s certain the Bill will fail.

For Menendez it’s simple. He says he’s heard form thousands of his constituents who suffer from some sort of illness. Be it cancer, epilepsy, PTSD or MS. Many have been told medical cannabis products would alleviate some of their symptoms.

The Senator feels it should be up to the medical community and not Lawmakers to determine who would benefit from medical marijuana.

Menendez feels if more patients had access to medical marijuana, it would lessen the number of people contributing to the nation’s opioid addiction epidemic.



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