Menendez Questions Text Book

Senator Jose Menendez claims the Texas Board of Education is “vetting” a racist textbook.

It’s titled Mexican American Heritage and he’s got a problem with specific passages.

“They list here that ‘Chicanos, on the other hand, adopted a revolutionary narrative that opposed western civilization and wanted to destroy this society’,” Menendez told KTSA News. “The book alleges immigrant neighborhoods are hotbeds for crime, exploitation, and hostile views of America.”

He said these are unfounded, negative opinions.

“My understanding is that the state board of education is currently vetting this for the possibility of it being a textbook,” he said. “This is unbelievable.”

An education board spokeswoman told KTSA that the publisher of the book has submitted it for consideration by the board, but the board has not even looked at it yet.

“I think if a high school or college student had written this as a paper, they’d get an F,” Menendez said.

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