Mental Health and the Sutherland Springs Shooting?

MGN Online

By Don Morgan

A local Mental Health Advocate has some concerns about comments made by President Trump and Governor Abbott following Sunday’s mass church shooting.

Mark Stoeltje is the Executive Director at San Antonio Clubhouse. The organization helps adults with mental illness find jobs and establish relationships with their community.

He says when the President and the Governor and many pundits came out and claimed the shooter was mentally ill, it was irresponsible.

Stoeltje tells us there were many other factors involved including a history of domestic violence and some broken down relationships with family members.

He feels placing the blame solely on the perceived mental illness if Devin Kelley was the wrong thing to do. Not only because of the added stigma to those with diagnosed mental illness but because the comments were made just hours after the shootings took place.

“Was it due to a mental illness? Maybe but it’s too soon to tell.”

Stoeltje says people in positions of authority should wait until all of the facts are known before making comments of that nature.

San Antonio Clubhouse was founded in 2003. Adults with mental illness can go there for assistance in leading a fulfilling life through job placement and peer support.

The program model is used at locations across the U.S and is in the midst of training mental health advocates across Texas in how to implement their model in other communities.


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