From Military Camo to Police Blue?

From the camo uniforms of the military to the blue of police departments.

Senator John Cornyn and Congressman Will Hurd are hoping to make that happen for more military veterans through a measure they have proposed for Congress.


“I can’t think of anything more obvious in terms of the skills and the experience that you acquire in the military… when you retire then to be able to make that transition” Senator John Cornyn said Friday at UTSA’s Downtown San Antonio Campus.

The program would use federal grant dollars to help vets make the career change.

Assistant San Antonio Police Chief Anthony Trevino said it would be a good fit here in “Military City USA.”

“Military veterans… I think they bring a specific skill set that is really value added to our organization–but more importantly to our community” Trevino said, adding “We’re constantly looking for the best possible officers who are going to be abele to do a great job for us and serving the community.”


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