Missing Girls Found in TN

A missing Bexar County girl found alive in Tennessee.

Investigators in Tennessee say the 12 year old girl was picked up in Texas, taken to Tennessee, for the puposes of commercial sex. A man is behind bars in Tennessee.

“This little girl has been missing for a month,” James Keith of the Bexar County Sheriff’s Office told KTSA News.

She was found alive, but in bad shape.

“We believe that she may have been the victim of trafficking,” he said. “She is not in the best situation, she’s currently getting medical care, and any sort of treatment she’s going to need for psychological needs.”

Now, investigators here are trying to figure out just how she ended up in Tennessee.

“We are looking into what role this young lady’s mother may have played into this,” Keith said. “It’s very early in this investigation, but she could face charges.”

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