Mr. President It’s Time To Ditch Mitch – – Now

So Mitch McConnell says the reason it appears as though the GOP isn’t able to get anything done in the Congress is that President Trump has expectations that are “too high.”

According to Mitch, the Swamp in DC is like molasses and it moves real slow, and because Trump wants to stuff to happen right away it makes it appear as though nothing is happening.

Apparently, Mitch thinks the President is aiming too high and needs to readjust his expectations.

HA! I’m raising the BS flag.

Can you imagine Pop’s response if one of the Spurs were to say that to him???

“Hey coach, the reason we aren’t winning is your expectations are too high – you need to be more realistic!”

Double HA!

You knew the DC establishment would find a way to blame Trump for their inaction.

The FACT is THEY don’t want anything to change. They love everything just the way it is, thank you very much.

It’s time to ditch Mitch – – NOW


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