How Much Will March Madness Cost You?

Just how much will that case of “March Madness” end up costing you this year?

“The Retail Me Not March Madness Survey found that on average, people who are willing to spend money on March Madness related expenses are going to spend $211 this year” said Retail Me Not’s Clendon Ross, who told KTSA News that number is a bit bigger than last year’s.

“That’s up about $20 from last year–and included in that total is the $90 people are willing to spend on brackets” Ross said.

That cash will be spread out in a number of different ways.

“Watch parties as their teams advance in the Tournament. They spend money on tv’s for those watch parties. Some people even travel” Ross said, adding both men and women will be throwing some cash around.

” Men spend about $250 on average–but women spend about $150. That just shows the appeal of the NCAA Tournament to both genders” Ross said.

Meanwhile, the same survey also showed many of us will be a little distracted at work while the games are being played.

“21% of folks told us they’ll be watching games while they’re at work. Another significant portion–about 11%–told us they’ll take a day off to watch the games” Ross said.



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