N.C. Bathroom Bill Turn Draws Texas’ Attention

What might the so-called “Bathroom Bill’s” survival in North Carolina mean for the Lone Star State?

Some State leaders–including Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick are hailing the turn of events in the Tar Heel State–which seemed poised to repeal the measure among some heavy criticism in recent months.

“Before our State folks get really excited about this, they need to sit back and wait and see what the backlash is going to be in North Carolina” ACLU of Texas Director Terri Burke.

Burke said the Texas business community is right to be wary of a similar measure that will go before the Legislature at the Capitol in Austin during its next session.

“Discrimination doesn’t sell–people in business understand that” Burke said.

At least one study suggests a “Bathroom Bill” in Texas would cost the State’s economy upwards of $8-billion.

“People in business understand that their customers come from every corner of America, and every corner of Texas–and, that they have to be in a position to do business with all of those people” Burke said.

Critics are prepared to go to court if such a measure is passed by the Texas Legislature.



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