NB Church Struggles to Come to Terms With Bus Crash

A New Braunfels church is struggling to come to terms with the bus crash in Uvalde County Wednesday Afternoon–which left more than a dozen members of its congregation dead.

“We won’ see those faces walking in the door… and being able to greet them, shake hands… and hug them” First Baptist Church of New Braunfels Senior Pastor Brad McLean said one day after the crash near Garner State Park.

The church bus was carrying a number of senior members of the congregation back from a Hill Country retreat when it was involved in a head-on crash with a pickup truck.

The driver of that pickup–20 year old jack Young from Leakey, is in stable condition after being flown to University Hospital in San Antonio following the crash. One survivor who was aboard the bus was listed in critical condition at San Antonio Military Medical Center.

McLean said the tragedy has taken a toll on the members of his church.

“We work together, we worship together… our children are friends and some of our families are very close to one another” McLean said, adding “Our church family is doing what we should do in coming together… grieving with those who grieve and weeping with those who are weeping.”

McLean said he has put a lot of thought in to what Sunday’s sermon will sound like. At this point though, he’s still not exactly sure of what the finished product to be delivered to the congregation will be.

“How we approach that at this moment… we’re still working through that… still praying through that” McLean said.



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