NBU to Use Drones for First Time

By Bill O’Neil

It’s a bird… it’s a plane… it’s a drone!

It’s also a first for NBU.

“This is indeed the first time that NBU has utilized this technology in order to make inspections on their distribution line” Gretchen Reuwer with NBU told KTSA News.

The drones will begin to work Friday–and that work is expected to continue for several days in a number of spots:

1. E. Torrey Street from Elizabeth Avenue to the dead-end northeast of Gruene Road.

2. North Street and N. Grant Avenue from the intersection of W. North Street and N.

Liberty Avenue, northeast on E. North Street continuing southeast on N. Grant Ave to the

intersection with Common Street.

3. Castell Avenue from Bridge Street to Perryman Street.

4. W. Coll Street from S. Academy Avenue to the 1000 Block of W. Coll Street.

5. Academy Avenue from Bridge Street to Merriweather Street.

6. Mill Street from the 400 Block of Mill Street to N. Market Street.

“Our contractor will have identified vehicles… they will be able to produce identification if they are asked. We don’t want customers to be alarmed if they hear or see a drone in the public right of way” Reuwer said, adding “They’ll be flying at altitudes of less than 100 feet and making multiple landings–so, that may draw some attention–along with the buzzing noise that they make.”

By using the drones, NBU expects to reduce a task that normally takes weeks to complete to mere days.


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