NE Bexar Flood Control Project Complete

The wraps are officially off of a major flood control project in Northeast Bexar County.

“It controls flooding all the way through Kirby… it has two major bridges going over” Bexar County Judge Nelson Wolff told KTSA News, describing the Rosillo Creek flood control project, which will lift dozens of properties in Kirby out of the flood plain.

“It’s also a project that is pleasing to look at… particularly when Spring comes along and flowers get to growing” Wolff said.

The Judge said a number of projects like this one have made a big difference around the County in recent years.

“It’s very helpful. It’s one of thirty flood control projects we did… we have finished since we began the 2007 flood control program of $500-million in projects” Wolff said, quickly pointing out there is still more that can be done in the fight against flooding–especially as the Alamo City and surrounding area continue to rapidly grow.

“The City has put in some regulations and stuff–but, the more you pave the Northside of San Antonio, the more flash floods you’re going to have coming in to the central city” the Judge said.

However, another major bond dedicated to flood control projects isn’t on the board–at least at this point.

“We’ve got a tough legislative session where we’re attacked across many venues–local government is–I don’t know how we’re going to come out of it, so we’re going to wait and see what happens” Wolff said.


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