New Braunfels on the Brink of Stage One

There may be rain in the forecast–but as it stands no New Braunfels is on the verge of returning to Stage One watering restrictions.

“You could always plan for the worst and hope for the best” NBU’s Gretchen Reuwer told KTSA News, adding “It would be great if we gt some rain over the weekend–but, we have to be aware of the situation and start preparing our customers.”

What has been a very hot and dry last several weeks has clearly taken a toll on the aquifer.

“Our usage has gone from about 10-million gallons per day in June to over 15-million–and bumping up on 20-million gallons a day in July and August” Reuwer said. Much of that is the result of landscape watering.

“That’s coincided with the significant drops we’re seeing in the aquifer… anywhere to half a foot to more than a foot a day” Reuwer said.

Minus any rain soon, Reuwer said Stage One could be triggered as soon as this weekend. The utility’s advice to it’s customers: conserve as much water as you can.


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