New Poll Finds Close Prez Race in TX

Amid what has suddenly become a very tight race for the White House–a new poll shows a very tight contest between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton in Texas.

The wide-ranging Texas Lyceum poll shows the Republican Presidential Nominee leading Clinton by seven-points among likely Lone Star State voters.

Libertarian Gary Johnson places a distant third, while the Green Party’s Jill Stein is in the lower single-digits.

The same survey found 17% of likely voters either don’t know who they will support, or refused to say.

As for what voters might do when they go to the polls to cast those ballots, the Lyceum Poll finds split-ticket voting to be be a very unlikely trend in Texas. Only 2% of Trump supporters said they would vote for a Democratic Congressional Candidate, while 6% of Clinton supporters said they would cast ballots for Republicans running for Congress.

As for the current President, the poll finds Barack Obama with a 58% approval rating among Texans. Governor Greg Abbott has an even higher approval rating in Texas–at 61%.

Outside of politics, the survey also shows an improving view of the Texas economy, with optimism growing.



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