New Push to Improve Conditions for Migrant Farm Workers

Jeremy Gonzalez picks tomatoes on a farm in Steele, Ala., Monday, Oct. 3, 2011. Much of the crop is rotting as many of the migrant workers who normally work these fields have moved to other states to find work after Alabama's immigration law took affect last week. Many farmers stand to lose much of their crops because they have no help to harvest it. (AP Photo/Dave Martin)

It’s an ongoing issue for the state’s Migrant Farm Workers. Unsafe and filthy housing provided by the growers they are working for.

There’s a bill making it’s way through the State Senate that would push for drastic changes.

McAllen State Senator Juan Hinojosa says he’s a former Migrant farm Worker and it amazes him that problems including no running water and shelters with no ventilation still persist.

He says the workers play a vital role in the State and they need to be protected.

The bill would push for stricter penalties for growers who violate the conditions for living quarters and more inspections.



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