New Rules Coming for Asylum Seekers?

A newly released draft memo suggests the Trump Administration might be ready to “raise the bar” for those who are seeking asylum in the United States.

According to the memo, the Border Patrol would be directed to only allow those who are deemed to have a good chance of ultimately winning asylum to pass through.

“This would reduce the number of individuals in this limbo status who are in the United States for up to three to four years… or who after they do this initial passage simply disappear in to the ether” said Rice University Political Scientist Mark Jones, who is a Fellow at the Baker Institute for Public Policy.

“You would have far more people who when they claim asylum, would be effectively sent back to Mexico, Honduras, Guatemala, or wherever they came from” Jones said.

On one hand, Jones said such a policy would streamline what has been a lengthy process.

“In the past, they would have been allowed to remain in the country pending the resolution of their asylum hearing” Jones said.

On the other hand though, Jones said such a change would add to the pressure that is placed on the Border Patrol.

“You would have many people at the border… Border Patrol… making decisions. Sometimes they would be right, sometimes they would be wrong” Jones said.


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