New year, new laws to start 2018

A new year means some new laws.

There are 26 new laws on the books — most are just tweaks or clarifications to old rules.

However, there are some that will impact you.

At stores, a clerk can ask for your photo ID if you are paying with a credit or debit card.

At a polling station, you can now use things like a bank statement or paycheck to prove your identification if you have a “reasonable impediment” preventing you from getting a photo ID.

You can be fined if you lie about being unable to obtain a photo ID.

You can now fill out the odometer disclosure form required in the car transfer process online.  It makes it easier for two parties to transfer car ownership.  However, the biggest beneficiary will be car insurance companies which can now process total loss claim payments faster.

You’ll also have a fairer shot at appealing your home’s assessed tax value.

Property owners have complained that they have not been given a equal chance to present their case in these appeals processes.

There had been cases where an appeal would result in an even higher assessed value of a property.  Tax districts can no longer do that without the land owner’s consent.


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