What Next for “Invalidated” Congressional Districts?

A federal appeals court late last week invalidated three Texas Congressional districts. The claim is that they were improperly drawn to limit Hispanic representation at the polls.

According to Constitutional Law professor Josh Blackmon, the State Legislature isn’t going to want to re-draw those districts anytime soon so an appeal will be filed with the Supreme Court.

He says redrawing Congressional District lines will be a long process because it impacts more than just the 3 districts in questions: including those represented by Blake Farenthold and Will Hurd. Several neighboring districts will see some changes too.

Blackmon says by the time the issue gets to the Supreme Court, Neil Gorsuch should be on the bench.

“If the Supreme Court agrees with the District Court, then the Texas Legislature will have to re-draw these three districts. They will also have to adjust the surrounding districts. So, it’s a fairly involved process.”

Blackmon says the 2020 census is just a few years away so those districts were going to be re-drawn anyway. He says the issue will be settled before the census.


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