The next shoe to drop in Orlando

In the first hours after the terrorist massacre in Orlando, we heard (repeatedly) that Omar Mateen had no criminal record. Well, he didn’t need one.

He knew Marcus Robertson.

Robertson is the guy no one’s ever heard of, but should know of. Former bodyguard to the infamous Blind Sheikh (’93 WTC attack), a suspect in more than one attack on cops, and a robber of banks to fund his proclivities, one of which is his online ministry, the “Fundamental Islamic Knowledge Seminary”, operating out of Orlando.

Mateen was a slobbering follower of FIKS and Robertson. “It’s no coincidence that this happened in Orlando,” a law enforcement source told Fox News.

Also known as Abu Tabah, Robertson preaches against homosexuality, and has been captured on wiretaps urging and inciting his disciples to file false tax returns and use the money to travel overseas for terror training in central Asia and northern Africa.

It caught up with Marcus at the end of 2011, and he pled guilty to firearms and tax charges. While in prison, he received unprecedented security, and extreme measures had to be taken to keep him from having contact with other inmates, because he could radicalize his fellow cons with ease.

Desperately, federal prosecutors built a case of additional charges of terrorism, hoping to extend Robertson’s stay behnd bars. But last summer, a judge freed him early with time served.

US District Judge Greg Presnell, a Clinton appointee, ignored warnings from the government lawyers that Robertson was incredibly good at recruiting other people to do things and carry out acts that he didn’t participate in.

Sunday morning in Orlando probably was one of those.



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