The NFL Edition of “What Could Go Wrong?”

If you’re going to have Breast Cancer Awareness Month in the NFL, then why not this?

First reported by Yahoo! Sports, it seems that some current and former NFL players want November to be a “social justice activism” month.

Pretty soon, you won’t be able to give these tickets away.

Oh wait, that’s already happening with the 49ers.

On top of the revelation today that the late Aaron Hernandez had advanced CTE (his girlfriend may sue the league), and published reports that blue-chip NFL sponsors (banks, beer and cars) are hitting the panic button over falling ratings…well, this season is going worse than a Lawrence O’Donnell taping.

I’m curious: when you devote a month to accusing the police of killing minorities, who will you get to work the stadium details on game days?

Paging Paul Blart.

One player, Houston’s J.J. Watt, has done more community activism than the rest of the league’s players combined. His efforts are helping people of every color who are in actual need.

Maybe he can get a month, if there are any months left and any fans still watching.



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