NIOSA Coupon Warning

A warning from the folks at NIOSA about possible illegal food and drink coupons.

“If you are approached about purchasing NIOSA ford/drink coupons before the event, please call the San Antonio Police Department Property Crimes Office” said Deputy SAPD Chief Gus Guzman.

NIOSA food/drink coupons are sold only on NIOSA grounds and at the NIOSA gates. If you are approached about buying any NIOSA food/drink coupons from any individual before or during NIOSA, there is a possibility those coupons are not legitimate and will not be valid.

“If you are approached while attending NIOSA and offered food/drink coupons to buy, be aware those coupons may also be compromised” Garcia added, urging anyone in that situation to report it to any uniformed officer.

Anyone selling fraudulent tickets or coupons will be subject to arrest.

Admission tickets purchased through the NIOSA web site, at NIOSA gates or at approved venues such as USAA, HEB, military bases, and Southwest Research are absolutely valid.



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