Nirenberg Hoping to Inspire Student Leaders

By Pilar Arias

Mustangs part of the World Leadership Institute at Jefferson High School got to have a roundtable discussion with San Antonio Mayor Ron Nirenberg Wednesday.

“I thought it was really inspirational, you know, for him to talk about his background. It motivated me to either run for office or to keep following my dreams,” junior Christopher Freire said.

 Fifty teens from a variety of student groups participated in the institute meant to inspire students to be more effective campus leaders.

“We truly need young people in the city of San Antonio to stand up and be counted,” Nirenberg said to the students. “You don’t have to have a voter registration card to do that.”

Nirenberg said we’ll find out in 30 years if his efforts to get more young people involved in politics is working.

“We have great engagement from young people in my office. We always have since I’ve been a councilman and that’s because we’re genuinely interested in their concerns and we give them real meaningful things to do to help us become better representatives,” Nirenberg said. “But truth be told in terms of their impact in the community, my hope, my faith is that their impact will be felt when they’re in my position.”

Nirenberg’s speech lasted about 15 minutes. He then took questions from students prior to taking pictures.



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