Nirenberg Meets with Governor Abbott

By Bill O’Neil

San Antonio’s Mayor begins his week with a trip to Austin–and a meeting with Governor Greg Abbott.

“I did meet with the Governor along with the Mayor of Garland… to talk about how the success of the State is so reliant and dependant upon the success of our cities–and we shouldn’t be changing our formulas for success” Mayor Ron Nirenberg told KTSA News following his meeting with the Governor.

The Mayor is especially frustrated with a property tax rollback plan which he said has generated a lot of anti-city rhetoric” across the Lone Star State.

“It’s (the plan) not productive for us to be finding ways to work together” Nirenberg said.

However, the Mayor also said he could see some common ground during his meeting with Governor Abbott.

“We discussed opportunities within our community to build jobs and also to ensure the steady rise of our educational institutions alike UTSA” the Mayor said.

He said the goal of the meeting is simple–and the results may be signaled by whatever the special session of the Texas Legislature brings in the end.

“Us exploring ways that the City and the State can become partners again, rather than working as adversaries” Nirenberg said.



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