No Charges in Molak Suicide

No criminal charges–at least not now–in the suicide of an Alamo Heights High School student whose family blames on bullying.

“Looking at the law and the facts that we had to work with… it just at this time wasn’t there” Bexar County District Attorney Nico LaHood told KTSA’s Jack Riccardi, adding he’s open to the possibility new evidence could come to light that may result in charges being filed later.

“It would have been fitting a circle in to a square for us to move forward–and that would have been violating my oath to seek justice” LaHood said.

“I met with Mr. Molak, and representatives of the family–this is not something they are not apprised of” LaHood said, adding “Of course, it was a very sensitive conversation. He’s a gentlemen, and he’s a very gracious man.”

The death of David Molak has prompted a push led by State Senator Jose Menendez for new laws covering Texas that would crack down on cyber bullying. LaHood isn’t focusing on what–if any message the decision not to file charges might send.

“We need to give them (children) self worth at home. As a community–working with our schools–we need to change the way the culture is at schools to make sure if a child is legally defending themselves–or a third person at schools–that a child is not punished for that” LaHood said.



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