No, Hillary Should Not “Walk Away”

Picture this: a great 1930s black-and-white gangster flick, the bank robbers are holed up inside the local Savings&Loan, while the local cops, or G-men, are outside, gats and roscoes at the ready, shouting through a big pasteboard megaphone:

“All right, boys, we’ve got ya surrounded, it’s time to come out…and WALK AWAY!”

I know, right?

That’s what I think about all these pro-Clinton lefty editorial pages going all Pulitzer-y all of a sudden with their stern warnings to the Democratic nominee—that’s it’s time to “walk away” from the Clinton Foundation, the Clinton Family Foundation, the Clinton Family Singers, Clinton Fried Chicken, and whatever other shady enterprises the “dead-broke” once-and-future first couple threw together during the 2000s.

Or as they like to call it, the “interregnum”.

Mind you, the Hillary-Media Industrial Complex doesn’t really disapprove of the Clinton money machine—after all, they’re not just observers, they’re donors. No, their advice is friendly: ditch the “charity” because these flyover-country rubes just don’t understand. Wash this hassle right out of your hair, girlfriend!

Bonnie and Clyde cleared something like a quarter of a billion with those speeches and shakeowns, and during Hillary’s State Department years, it was like a going-out-of-business sale. Every (meeting) must go!

Now, they get to “walk away”? Umm, no.

I want her to stay for the ending. Let’s all stay. If it was good enough for the last decade and a half, it’s good now. Since when do you promise to stop doing something you claim was innocent?

Besides, bleary Clinton mouthpiece Brian Fallon warned us on MSNBC that we’d be throwing away a chance to cure HIV/AIDS if we shuttered the foundation, or at least one of them. Who knew that a “non-profit” with a pass-through rate of 15% was the secret to curing AIDS? I guess the Mafia will cure cancer one day.

So, I say no deal, Hillary. You don’t get to “walk away”.

You’ve already walked away from too much. That’s the problem.



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