No Light Rail in Multi-Modal Transit Plan?

If all goes as planned, San Antonio residents will vote on a multi-modal transit system plan next year, but don’t expect it to include light rail.

“What hasn’t happened in this community is for us to connect ourselves via some high density transit options, and I’m not talking about light rail,” Mayor Ron Nirenberg said on the Trey Ware Morning Show.

Really? No light rail?

“The newer technologies are much more appealing. They’re much more flexible and they don’t set those lines down in stone if things change,” said the mayor.

He favors technology out of Europe and Asia, which is focused on trackless options. China is testing a bus that looks like a train that can carry as many as 300 passengers. The mayor says buses can travel on existing roads, but they would have their own right-of-way.

“They can be built much more efficiently, affordably and help connect a larger group of people,” he said.

Nirenberg is creating an organization to gather input from the community and promote a transit plan that will go before voters next year. The organization led by former Mayor Henry Cisneros, Via Board Chairwoman Hope Andrade and attorney Jane Macon will receive no tax dollars.



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