No Prez Endorsement From Cornyn

Senator John Cornyn is staying true to his no endorsement stance.

“My position is: I will support the nominee of the Republican Party,” he said. “I just don’t know who that’s going to be yet.”

Well, it’s down to three choices: Trump, Cruz, or Kasich.

Cornyn said voters don’t need him to tell them who to vote for, they can decide themselves.

“I respect the right of Republican Primary voters to make that selection,” he said.

And if it is Donald Trump who secures the nomination, he thinks Senate Republicans can and will work with him.

“I think that’s the case with any of the candidates running, if they’re the nominee,” Cornyn told reporters on a conference call. “We have to make government function for the benefit of the American people, that’s our duty, and if we’re not willing to do that, we need to look for another line of work.”

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