Did You Notice The Way Democrats Responded to These Words Last Night?

Now THAT’s how you address the nation!

President Trump continues to cause pain and anguish for the leftist Democrats as he continues to act and talk about doing great things in the United States and for the people of the United States.

It was clear by their reaction, Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer don’t agree with Donald Trump’s statements because they sat on their hands and refused to applaud when the President said:

“The time for small thinking is over. The time for trivial fights is behind us. We just need the courage to share the dreams that fill our hearts.”


“Democrats and Republicans should get together for the good of the country and for the good of the American people.”

“We are a country that stands united in condemning hate and evil in all its ugly forms.”

and they really didn’t like,

“If we are guided by the well-being of American citizens instead of the usual special interests, then I believe Republicans and Democrats can work together to achieve an outcome that has eluded our country for decades.”

Their eyes rolled when he proclaimed,

“My job is not to represent the world. My job is to represent the United States of America.”

Terrible. Just awful huh.

They even sat stone-faced as the rest of the country honored the widow of a great American hero who lost his life so we might live.

Finally, President Trump wrapped up with,

“We are one people, with one destiny. We all bleed the same blood. We all salute the same flag. And we are all made by the same God.”

Crickets from the white-wearing leftist.

Democrats, your party is irrelevant.

America has a cheerleader. America has a champion. America has a President.

His name is President Donald Trump.


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