Obama Set to Deliver Farewell

A chance to reflect on his time on office.

President Obama delivers his farewell address Tuesday Night and one Political Science Professor says it’ll likely be the typical speech we hear from outgoing Presidents.

Brandon Rottinghaus at the University of Houston says typically Presidents use the opportunity to describe what they think their legacy is.

I think he’ll talk about domestic policy issues, especially Obamacare but he’ll have to do some defense on that as well.”

Rottinghaus says aside from the controversial affordable care act, the President will talk about the nation’s economic recovery.

“When he came into office the country was in a tremendous economic down spiral. He was able to, along with Congress, put together a package and a series of proposals that essentially helped stem that tide.”

Rottinghaus says those recovery plans didn’t work for everybody and some Americans are still recovering from the recession.

Brandon Rottinghaus previews President Obama’s farewell

 You’ll be able to hear President Obama’s Farewell Address Tuesday Night at 8 on 550 KTSA and FM 107-1.

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