OK, President Trump, Here’s Your First Real Test

“I make great deals,” he said.

“We’re going to start winning again,” he promised.

Very well, then, Mr. President.

What’s your answer to this?

The nation that saved the world from fascism (I meant WW2, not Hillary) and put a man on the moon isn’t really going to fail at bacon. Is it?

Right now, things are worse than they were in 1957. I mean, remember how flavorless and unsalted ’57 was?

God knows Obama wouldn’t have done anything for us on the bacon front. Maybe lectured us about bacon’s pitfalls, about how bacon is “not who we are”, that bacon is “on the wrong side of history”.

But getting bacon back next to our eggs, wrapped around our various appetizer portions of shrimp, and riding proudly atop our burgers—is this new guy the guy or ain’t he?

And what the heck are we doing with a 1957-sized pork belly inventory?

You would think pork would be the one thing ¬†of which politicians could’ve maintained a supply. But noooo.

Well, now it’s time for greatness.

Time for “Bacon America Great Again”.



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