“This Is Omran. He’s Alive”

This picture haunts.

A boy, 5, improbably survives the bombing of his home is Aleppo, Syria.

“Over there” and “far away”.

CNN’s Kate Bolduan Begins to Cry While Sharing Video of Bloodied Syrian Child

But we are all from one Creator. It doesn’t matter where he is or we are. It doesn’t matter if he looks like us, or his people live like us.

He’s your son. Brother. Neighbor. Your fellow child of God. Your responsibility.

You want to pray for him, and for all of us who are sure this could never happen to us.

And for the world that interrupted a five-year-old boy’s innocence.

His body survived the devastation, but you wonder what else didn’t.

You want to pick him up, very gently. Clean him up. Tell him a joke to make him smile. Take him away from all this. What kind of nightmares would he have, no matter where he slept?

He might never let go of your hand. Or he might never take it.

What about all the other Omrans? Could you accept saving just one?

And thank you, Kate Bolduan, for letting your humanity show when you told Omran’s story on CNN. It would not have been “more professional” to pretend this is just business. You were simply eloquent.

There have always been “Omrans”, but what there hasn’t always been is the instant global transmission of a searing image of war’s toll.

A child’s face, but an old man’s weary, emotionless acceptance of…what?

What is he hoping for? Looking forward to? What would he ask of us if he could ask?

This picture haunts.




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