Man's Best Friend

Marine Captain Jason Haag who joined Sean Rima on air credits K9 for Warriors for saving him from his PTSD.

Girls with Plastic Parts

Sports Illustrated is so far 'unapologetic' about putting Barbie on the cover of their magazine this month.
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Laney Brown's Wish


Does Santa deserve a jet escort? NORAD has decided to give Santa Claus a jet fighter escort on his sleigh ride. Some child advocates say that it sends the wrong message to associate the military with Christmas.

Price Check!

VIDEO: A YouTube video entitled “Forget About The Price Tag” is the grand prize winner in a contest meant to encourage young people to sign up for Obamacare. Is money really no objective when choosing Obamacare?

Post-baby Body Backlash

VIDEO: Norwegian soccer mom Caroline Berg Eriksen Instagramed this picture of her body 3 days after giving birth. Some women are upset that she is sending the wrong message about post-pregnancy bodies.

Bye-Bye Brian

VIDEO: In a surprising twist, the producers of Family Guy decide to kill Brian the Dog off.

VIDEO: Lincoln Legacy, 150 Years Later

Filmmaker Ken Burns created a video collage with some of America's most noted personalities to recite the Gettysburg Address, including the 5 living men who've held the office of president.

Cop Fires at Minivan with Kids

VIDEO: State police in New Mexico are in hot water after firing a gun at a minivan full of kids after the driver and her 14-year-old son refused to cooperate. Did the police use excessive force?

The Epic Split

 - featuring Jean-Claude Van Damme. And 2 Volvo Trucks. Isn't this just crazy cool?


Oprah Winfrey spoke to the BBC saying that President Obama is often disrespected because he's Black. Is Oprah scrounging for a reason to deflect criticism from Obama?

Wrong Time with Bill Maher

Comedian Bill Maher of HBO mocked Boston's Red Sox ceremony for being too patriotic saying Boston was "not leveled by Godzilla." Is Maher downplaying Boston's patriotism?

Memory Turned Inside-Out

Administrators at Lakeview Middle school banned memorial t-shirts that honor 12-year-old Caitlyn Jackson who died of cancer because they were worried the shirts would cause further grief. Is this being sensitive to students' feelings? Or is it just stupid?

Wining and Whining

Willie Robertson, one of the stars of the hit TV show Duck Dynasty, was no longer invited to a Free Will Baptist Ministry event because of the Robertson's family's association with a winery. Too strict?

Could you hate this face?

A Colombian model who goes by Adriana had her face picture pulled from the Obamacare website because she has been the target of bullying.
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Sean Rima Podcast

The Word vs. Randy Word

     Sean Rima welcomes Randy Word, an atheist puke, to discuss his opposition to invocations, at Rowlett's city council meetings.