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Another Year--No Keystone XL Pipeline

A month and a half until election day--and Republicans are again pointing to the continuing delay in getting the Keystone XL PIpeline up and running. 


Fewer Couples Taking the Plunge

It seems as though it's a tough time to be a wedding planner. 


Changes Coming for Hydrocodone in TX

It's the most prescribed drug in the country--and some changes are on the way for hydrocodone in Texas. 

Beef Costs Keep Rising

It'll cost you more for a pound of ground beef than for a gallon of gas--the procce of beef keeps moving up--much to the frustration of families everywhere. 


Reed Focuses on Gun Violence

Count Bexar County District Attorney Susan Reed among a group of nearly two dozen prosecutors who are looking for anwers to America's problem with gun violence. 


Flu Season is Coming!

It's not too early to be thinking about that flu shot.