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Your Kids, Boston, and West

By Bill O'Neil

There's no getting around it--your kid has probably been seeing at least bits and pieces of what's been happening in Boston and West this week. So how do you talk to your kids about it all?
"You need to remain calm and reassuring--and make sure your child knows that you are a person they can ask questions to. If you create an environment like that it's much easier for your child to approach you" said children's author and former school counselor Julia Cook--who is in San Antonio for a literary conference.

So how do you rrspond when that hard question comes?

"You don't have to go in to great detail, but if you lie to your child, evntually they are going to find out the truth--and they're going to have trust issues with you in the future" Cook said, adding "You might be asked to repeat your answer several times--that's your kid's way of wanting to know they are secure. Try to answer them the same way over and over again." 

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