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TX Senators Question Napolitano

By Bill O'Neil
Some tough questions on Capitol Hill from Texas' U.S. Senators for Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano--as the debate over an immigration reform plan goes on. 

The bill crafted by the so-called "Gang of Eight" is some eight-hundred pages in length--and only reached most lawmakers in the early morning hours of April 17th.

"When did your office receive a copy of the bill as filed?" asked Senator Ted Cruz. Napolitano's response was about three in ther morning. The answer to the next question left Cruz surprised--after he Napolitano told him she hd read through the entire bill--even amid the investigation in to the Boston Marathon Bombing.

"Well...ok--then that has been a very busy weekend for you" Cruz said--to which Napolitano replied "Yes sir. Very busy." 

For his part, Senator John Cornyn remains very concerned about how border security will be measured.

"We know the numerator becasue we know (the number of) people who are detained. But we don't know the people who actually attempt to get across and are successful unbeknownst to the Border Patrol do we?" Cornyn asked. He's also concerned over whether the feds can stay ahead of the Mexican drug cartels as officials look to take stronger security steps. 

"We're much better able to predict ahead of time where we think some of that traffic is going to move" Napolitano said.   


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