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Gas Prices Ready to Jump?

By Bill O'Neil

After watching the price slowly fall over the last couple of months--analysts say the elevator may have finally reached the ground floor on gas prices. 

All of the signs are there said's Gregg Lasksoki.

"We're not seeing the same rate of production that we'd seen just a few months ago" Laksoksi said. He told 550 KTSA News that slackening of production--combined with the expected demand for Memorial Day--is likely to begin putting upward pressure on prices. 

"It does appear that the rate of decrease is coming to an end" Laskoski said, adding all in all--we're really not in too bad of shape right now. 

"Right now it's still a relative improvement compared to recent years--to see prices--even if they're flattening out--they're not increasing yet." 

The current acverage price per gallon of regular unleaded sits at about $3.28 in San Antonio.  

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