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Regulating the Used Tire Market

By Bill O'Neil & Johnny Shannon

Does the used tire market need more regulation? Experts say more people are driving on them than you might think.

"We estimate about 20 to 25 million used tires are put back on the market each year--this is after they are discarded at tire shops and garages and so forth said Dan Zielinski with the Rubber Manufacturers Association.
He told 550 KTSA News some 9% of drivers look to save some cash--through buying used tires.

 That led his group to sample what they could find on the market.
"We actually went to shops in Texas and bought several used tires at tire shops--and you'd be amazed at what we found. There were tires that were bald, tires that had visible damage, tires with improper repairs" Zielinski said.
That's why his group has lined up behind a measure before the state legislature to bring standards to the market.
"There are lots of used tire shops that have some basic standards--we wish all of them had some basic standards" Zielinski said.
Senate Bill 459 has already passed in that chamber. Its companion in the House hasn't yet seen a final vote.



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