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No Summer Blackouts Forecast

By Bill O'Neil

The final forecast for the summer ahead is out--and the Electric Reliability Council of Texas is optimistic it can meet the expected demand for energy across the state.
That means rolling blackouts are unlikely said ERCOT's Executive Advisor Kent Saathoff.
"Although that could be a possibility if any contingencies occur" Saathofff said. Once again, officials are expecting mother nature to do her part in driving up the demand for power.
"Meteorologists are predicting this summer will be hotter than normal--thus the demand is going to be higher than normal" Saathoff said.

While the forecast does expect the state will,at some point, break the peak demand record for a single day--which was set back in 2011-- relatively cooler and wetter forecast conditions specific to the Houston area are expected to help keep at least something of a small lid on demand in the months ahead.

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