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Deputy Loses Piece of Ear in Fight

by Elizabeth Ruiz

A jailhouse fight that left a Bexar County detention officer missing part of his ear is just the latest in a string of embarassing incidents involving deputies and Sheriff Susan Pamerleau has had enough.

"My immediate concern is that this is clearly a pattern of behavior which must be addressed immediately," said Pamerleau.

Sunday, an argument between Deputy Benjamin Hernandez and Deputy Andreas Aldana over how to train a rookie officer escalated into a physical altercation.

"During the scuffle, Deputy Hernandez sustained an injury to his ear where part of the ear came off," said sheriff's spokesman Paul Berry.

Earlier Sunday, Deputy Mark McGee was arrested for allegedly assaulting his wife. He already was on administrative leave for reportedly stealing copper wire.

Last week, Deputy Allen Figueroa was arrested for interfering with the apprehension of his wife. 
Pamerleau says she plans to have counselors available and improve chaplaincy services for officers and their families.

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