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Elementary Student Treated for Electric Shock

By Elizabeth Ruiz

A student at a West Side elementary school has been treated for minor burns to his fingers after suffering electric shock.
It happened Monday afternoon at Valley Hi Elementary on Ray Ellison Boulevard.
"A second-grade male student said that he pulled a paper clip out of the light switch in the restroom," said Northside Independent School District spokesman Pascual Gonzalez.
He told 550 KTSA News that the boy suffered minor burns to his fingertips and was seen by the school nurse.
"The nurse called the boy's father and the father insisted that EMS be called," said Gonzalez.
EMS showed up, examined the boy and determined that he was fine.
"The boy's father insisted that the boy be transported to the hospital and they recommended against it, but since the father insisted, they transported the boy to the emergency room," said Gonzalez.


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