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Puppy Dies in Hot Truck

By Bill O'Neil

A man learns the lesson of just how deadly the heat of summer can be the hard way.

We're told he faces animal cruelty charges after authorities found a puppy dead inside of his truck Sunday--while a second pup was rescued. 

"A citizen saw the two puppies in the back of the vehicle--and saw they were both in severe distress. (They) called us--and called PD" said Animal Care Services Assistant Director Vincent Medley. He told 550 KTSA News authorities got to Woodlawn Lake Park--where the vehicle was parked--as quickly as they could.

"When they got to the location, one of the puppies was dead" Medley said, describing the other as ins evere distress. When inmvestigators looked closer at conditions inside the truck--they found a horrifying truth.  

"When we went to the location and examined the internal heat with a thermometer--it was 119 on the inside (of the truck)" Medley said, adding those dogs didn't have much of a chance. 

"They look to be about four to five weeks old. Their systems aren't even developed--so they have less of a chance to be able to survive in those conditions" Medley said.   

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