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New Jail Chief Introduced

By Johnny Shannon 

Bexar County's New Sheriff has a new jail boss. 

When Susan Pmaerleau took office in January--one of her first orders of business was cleaning up the county jail. After a six-month national search, Raul Banasco has settled in to the role of Deputy Chief, Jail Administrator. 

"Our job is paramount public safety--but along those tlines we have to be cognizant of the working environment for the staff" Banasco said as he was officially introduced. After spending some 25 years working at prisons in Florida, Banasco knows some days will be tougher than others.  

"Working in the jail environment is very tough. This is where society doesn't always greet you with a smile at the front door" Banasco said, adding he beleives there is room for a boost to morale.  
"Not only do we want staff to enjoy coming to work--we want them to be efficient--and in this world's ever changing technoolgy--we want to give them the most technology saavy based system we can give them to do their job more eefectively and efficiently" Banasco said.   


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