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Cornyn Border Amendment Fails

By Bill O'Neil

No sale for Senator John Cornyn on his border security amendment. 

"What I've argued for from the beginning is the need for a comprehensive border security plan--and for Congress to make a sincere--and enforceable commitment to follow through on the plan" the Senator said on Capitol Hill--just before his plan was defeated by fellow lawmakers. 

While Cornyn's formula fir the feds to follow to insure border security as part of any immigration reform effort has fallen short--immigration reform advocates aren't cheering--after seeing an alternative plan gain favor with Senators.  

After South Korea--and Israel and Syria--the U.S. border with Mexico would be the most militarized border" said Border Network for Human Rights Executive Director Fernando Garcia--who called plans for adding hundreds of miles of fence along the border wasteful.  

"Everybody at the border knows that has not been effective--it is fiscally irresponsible" Garcia said, also objecting to the notion of doubling the number of Border Patrol agents. 

"In the last ten years we have tripled the numbers to 22,000 Border Patrol agents--more than enough" Garcia said.   

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