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General Voices Support for Immigration Reform

By Bill O'Neil

A retired U.S. Army General from San Antonio--who was a very familiar face during the Iraq War--is lending his voice to immigration reform efforts. 

Lieutenant General Ricardo Sanchez said he saw the issue play out first hand during efforets to stabilize and rebuild that country. Sanchez said he sees a pathway to citizenship as a crucial part of any reform formula.  

"It doesn't have to be easy. It has to be compliant--and it has to be in line with others that have come in to the country--but it must have that path" Sanchez said, adding "There is no way that you can seek a solution that eliminates those (people) that are already in the territories."

As for securing the border--Sanchez said he is certain of one thing. 

"I don't beleive we'll ever get to absolute border control" Sanchez said--thogh he added you can make it the very best it can be.  

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