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DOD Furloughs Begin

by Elizabeth Ruiz

Department of defense civilian employees have more time to spend with their families, but less money to spend now that furloughs have begun.

Brent Boller with Joint Base San Antonio says they'll have to take one day off a week with no pay for the next eleven weeks. 

"Civilian furloughs are a measure of last resort because of the cuts imposed by sequestration," said Boller. 

He says the furloughs will affect more than 20,000 area residents. 

"We've got about 700,000 civilian employees across the Department of Defense and about 23,000 of those are here in the San Antonio area," Boller told 550 KTSA News.

The furloughs will amount to a 20-percent pay cut, which will take a financial toll on many local families.

"Some civilian employees have substantial savings or they've got other means of support, but those who are living paycheck-to-paycheck, such as single parents, are going to find this a very difficult thing," said Boller.

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