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Political Lip Service?

By Bill O'Neil 

Backers of the so-called "Campus Carry" bill have some choice words for Rick Perry--as the Governor looks to the end of his time in office.  

In fact, Kurt Mueller with Students for Concealed Carry told 550 KTSA News he's feeling a little used in how Governor Perry handled the issue. 

"It is something that has been a bit of a political tool for the Governor--it is n ot something that he has been wiling to stand behind or champion--or really put any effort behind whatsoever" said Mueller, adding all the evidence you need to see is playing out right before your eyes right now in Austin.  

"This is the second special session thatr they've called on this one specific topic having to deal with abortion. Apparently, that's the social issue that's he's willing to go to the mat for" Mueller said.  

While there has been a lot of speculation about another White House bid for Perry--Mueller said those who support Campus Carry won't forget.  

"If he's looking to further his political career, I would think that this would be an issue that would be more meaningful to his base" Mueller said.   


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