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Cruz Calls for Change in Military Sex Abuse Cases

By Bill O'Neil

A Texas Republican joins with a New York Democrat in calling for change in how the United States military handles sex abuse allegations.  

Senator Ted Cruz said New Yorhk Senator Kirsten Gillebrand is on target in pushing a plan to remove the chain of command from investigating such allegations.  

"A number of our allies--including Great Britain, and Israel, and Germany have implemented policies similar to this" Cruz said, adding "The results in practice have been the reporting rates (of alleged abuse) have increased."  

The call for change stems in part from the abuse scandal at Lackaland Air Force Base. Gillebrand said the time is now to restore trust in the system.  

"If they've (abuse victims) witnessed other people reporting being retaslitated against--if they've witnessed other people being shoved out of the military becasue they've reported these crimes--they will not trust the system the chain of command has put in to place" Gillebrand said. Her plan would create a group of special prosecutors to investigate such allegations.  

"They know what the crime looks like, they know who nthe perpatrators are. They know how it's covered up--they know how they're (victims) retaliated against. They know the pressure that's put on the victim" Gillebrand said.  

Gillebrand's plan--which could go up for Senate debate as soon as next week--has dozens of supporters in that body--among them Kentucky Republican Rand Paul.  

"If it appears as if there is some deterrence to victims reporting a crime, why don't we fix it?" Paul said. 

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