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Visitors Mean Big Bucks for S.A.

You just might want to say "thank you" the next time you see a tourist taking in the sights in the Alamo City.  


Wasted Cash and the Ebola Fight

Just how much of your cash has been wasted--when it could have gone toward keeping Ebola out of America? 


Cameras Watching Bus Passers

It's National School Bus Safety Week--and one local community is using technology to crack down on a big problem.  


Rainy Day Fund and Ebola?

It's money that's set aside for emergencies. The Libertarian candidate for Governor thinks the worsening Ebola crisis falls in to that category. 


Concern Grows Over Patient's Flight

She got on a plane and flew--while she was being watched for Ebola. It's not sitting well with at least one member of Congress. 


Study Finds Kids Aren't Eating Healthy

They're eating what's bad for them--and leaving what's good on the plate.