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FDA Wants to Hear From You

The FDA is out with some newly proposed food safety rules--including standards for the quality of the water used in irrigation and packing, and more. 


Another Year--No Keystone XL Pipeline

A month and a half until election day--and Republicans are again pointing to the continuing delay in getting the Keystone XL PIpeline up and running. 


Fewer Couples Taking the Plunge

It seems as though it's a tough time to be a wedding planner. 


Changes Coming for Hydrocodone in TX

It's the most prescribed drug in the country--and some changes are on the way for hydrocodone in Texas. 

Beef Costs Keep Rising

It'll cost you more for a pound of ground beef than for a gallon of gas--the procce of beef keeps moving up--much to the frustration of families everywhere. 


Reed Focuses on Gun Violence

Count Bexar County District Attorney Susan Reed among a group of nearly two dozen prosecutors who are looking for anwers to America's problem with gun violence.